“Everything you can imagine is real” ​

~Pablo Picasso~

As a professional firefighter / paramedic with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department for nearly 30 years, I’ve spent my free time away from the job building, making, designing, creating, repairing, fixing, and sometimes just breaking all types of things, from cars to motorcycles, from furniture to houses.  I use my creative and constructive knowledge as an outlet for the stress inherent in my professional life.  In the past I have always built or made things specifically for their functionality.  It has only been the past five or six years that I started creating purely for artistic value.  I believe my artwork to be a profoundly personal endeavor, with the primary goal being the cathartic effects it brings to me.  It was only recently I discovered others have been moved emotionally by my artwork.  This realization has stirred a desire to share my art with others. Thus, bringing me to enter a new phase in my life.  With retirement only, a few years off I find myself beginning a new career.  A career that I hope will bring me the same level of fulfillment as 30 years in the fire service has brought.  I hope my artwork can bring the same emotional healing in others as it has for me.

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